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Avoid Dangerous Laundry Fires

By Christina Dominguez

Laundry fires are one of the more common incidences reported. Most of these are associated with the dryer. Don’t believe us? Open up another tab and Google “laundromat fire”. You will find a flurry of articles about laundromat fires happening all over the country.

Inevitably commercial dryers have all the ingredients for mayhem: heat, fuel, and air. According to the U.S. Fire Administration, clothes dryers fires attribute to an estimated 15,000 U.S. structure fires, 15 deaths, 400 injuries and $99 million in direct property damage, annually. The leading cause of fire is lack of maintenance causing lint build-up in the exhaust system. Because of this danger Taylor Houseman would like to address that steps can be taken to reduce your risk of fire and imminent danger. Here are a few tips to healthy laundry operations that can help:

1. Whenever dryers are in use the laundry should be staffed and clothes dryers should not be left unattended during operation.

2. Clean washer and dryer lint filters after every use.

3. Install the proper dryer hose vent and outdoor vent and clean them regularly. Remember that long screws holding the venting together can also catch lint, so most dryer manufacturers recommend using pop rivets when putting venting together.

4. Screens of any type, should never be put on your dryer vents.

5. Be sure that the washer and dryer are plugged into suitable electric outlets and that your machines are the correct voltage for your facility.

6. Preventative maintenance should be provided to all dryers. Check our blog for tips on how to maintain your dryer to avoid fire. (Post coming soon.)

7. Fire extinguishers should be on premise and clearly marked so that even a first time visitor can find it.

Taylor Houseman offers preventative maintenance programs tailored to your individual business. Preventative maintenance will reduce your operational expenses. And along with decreasing your risk of fire, having a preventative maintenance program with Taylor Houseman can help increase your machine’s energy efficiency, help reduce your labor costs and extend equipment and linen life. Taylor Houseman is committed to the highest standard of quality in the products and services offered to our customers. To each customer, we pledge our commitment to courteous, friendly assistance, highly-trained technical support and value priced service. Call us for details,   1-800-464-6866


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